Uniform Cleaning Details

Uniform Cleaning

Color Guard – I believe you’ve already handed in your uniforms. If not, please contact Leanne.


  1. The Marching Band uniforms need to be taken to BOSTON TAILORED CLEANERS at 36 Tremont Street # A.
  2. The uniforms are all cleaned in one batch, so they can’t do them until EVERY LAST UNIFORM is there. Please bring them in to Boston Tailored by January 19th.
  3. A note from the cleaners: please check all pockets to make sure you are not forgetting something.
  4. There are actually 4 pieces to each uniform. Please make sure they are all there: sash, jacket, snap in collar on jacket, and pants.
  5. The uniform cleaning will cost $19 which you will pay when you drop it off. The uniforms will be stored by Boston Tailored and then delivered directly to the school right before marching season.
  6. Please bring your red uniform bag and the cleaning receipt in to Mr. Repucci so we can keep track of them.