We need lots of bakers this week!

We have Citywide Band Night on Thursday and we ask a handful of bakers to bring some treats for the kids attending the evening.

Please let us know what you will bring to Citywide Band Night by clicking here.

****Our larger plea is for everyone to bring some baked goods for the bake sale at the competition on Saturday. We’ve been told many times that Melrose is known for the great bake sale at the competition. How can we not deliver?

We ask that every student bring 2 dozen individually wrapped items (in a quantity to be sold for $1) that are labeled if containing allergens or if they are particularly allergen free (nut-free, gluten free, vegan, etc.).

Our bake sale at the MSO was so successful that we SOLD OUT within minutes of the start of the concert. If everyone contributes, this is an easy way to fundraise. Remember all of the money we raise goes right back to funding the things the instrumentalists and color guard really need to put on their show and general support through the rest of the year.

Please let us know what you will bring to the Home Competition on Saturday by clicking here.

Thank you! (This will help us get a variety of different items.)


And don’t forget about other opportunities to volunteer at this weekends Home Competition.  Click here for more information.