Baked Goods Needed!

This Saturday, February 11th, we (the Bandaiders) are hosting our NESBA Winter Guard show.

guardNESBA Logo

We are in need of many baked good contributions for the bake sale table. 

Quick info:

       We are expecting 1,000 people through the doors that day

       Please bag the items in $1’s worth of quantity based on size, etc.

       Please label any nut items as such

       Drop off items 10:00am-12:30pm at MVMMS entrance doors or when you come to volunteer 🙂

       Doors open at 1:30pm for spectators; the show begins at 3pm.

       The Bake Sale table is pure profit for the Bandaiders!

If you can donate please email us and let us know what you are bringing.

Disney Next Year!

Walt DIsney Logo
Hello, Band Families,
We are starting to plan our Band, Chorus, and Orchestra trip to Disney next year! Band students who are currently in grades 8 – 11 will be eligible to go next year as members of the High School Band. 
We need to get an initial idea of who is interested in going. Once we get these initial numbers we will have the travel company come in to do a presentation in the beginning of March.
Please fill out the form below, it should take less than a minute, whether you are planning to attend or not.
Thank you, 
Mr. Repucci

Marching Band Uniforms

Thanksgiving marks the end of the Fall marching band season. All students are required to have their uniforms dry cleaned and returned to the school at the end of the season. The following process has been organized to minimize cost and effort on your part.

  • Uniforms are to be dropped off at Boston Tailored, 36 Tremont Street (across from MDC Pool), hours: Tues–Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 7am-2pm
  • The charge for cleaning is $17.75 which you need to pay when you drop off the uniform for cleaning.
  • You will receive a receipt when you drop off your uniform, please give this receipt to Mr. Repucci so that we have a record to track your uniform.
  • Cleaned uniforms will be delivered directly to the school by Boston Tailored, you do not have to pick-up your uniform.
  • All uniforms should be brought for cleaning no later than December 10th
  • Garment bags need to be returned directly to the band room. Please leave your name tag on the garment bag so that we can track that you have returned this item. Do not leave these at the cleaners.
  • Please be sure that any other uniform items (hats/hat boxes/gloves) have been returned to the band room.

If you have any questions/concerns please e-mail/call Diane Heislein (781) 665-4719, Thank you.

Christmas Tree Sale Sign Up

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up for the Christmas Tree Sale.  We have already filled 38% of the slots.  62 students and parents have signed up, so we have almost 100 people still to sign up.  That would pretty much fill the schedule.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible.  Thanks!

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  We use the money to help the band with senior scholarships, equipment, color guard uniforms and flags, miscellaneous band supplies, and more.  The Tree Sale is a huge undertaking and requires many volunteers.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  The trees arrive on Friday between 2:30 and 3:00 and we need ALL students (and many parents) to unload the trucks.  It takes about an hour or so.

Regarding Sunday:  We need the most help on Friday and Saturday. We sometimes sell-out by Saturday night.  If extra help is needed on Sunday, however, we will send an email.  Please pencil an additional shift onto your calendar for Sunday morning if possible.

Thank you very, very much!

Location: MHS parking lot

Link to sign up to help: 

Signup now!