National Memorial Day Parade

It is official! We have been accepted to march in the National Memorial Day Parade in May 2016! I have been in touch with the parade coordinators and there will be more information coming soon. Here are a few quick points for you to be aware of so that once the ball starts rolling you can be ready.

- The first payment will be due October 1st. That payment is $50 (non-refundable).
- The trip will cost a little over $800 (about $500 less than the cruise was estimated to be!)
- This will be for a 3 night/4 day trip
- We will take motor coach buses down
- We will leave very early Friday morning and get back very late Monday night
- There will be site seeing, museums, and 2 performances to attend – The “President’s Own” Marine Band and the National Symphony
- We will march in the National Memorial Day Parade!

I am very excited for our year together this year!

See you all next week,
Mr. Repucci

2015 Required Forms

Please make sure you have your Package of 2015-16 Required Marching Band Forms completed and bring them with you the first day of camp.

One of the forms is the required concussion training that each band/color guard member and a parent/guardian must complete each year to participate in band.  This training will take some time so please make sure to review the instructions and set aside time prior to August 24 to get it done.

Dot Books

Students are required to supply their own dot book. The “My Dot Book” is an option but is not required. A simple spiral bound 3×5 index card book will suffice. Dot books need to be durable to withstand the wear and tear of the season and should be spiral bound index cards or the equivalent. You can order My Dot Book at

An exciting new piece of MHS band trivia – our new drill designer works with the Crossmen – the designers of the My Dot Book, quite a coincidence!

Note to new band/color guard members: A DOT book is a small notebook that you use to mark your position and movement on the field. It helps you learn the marching part of the show.

Photographers and Videographers Needed

Photographers and videographers are needed to take pictures and/or video at band camp, football games, competitions, practices, concerts and other events throughout the year. We post photos and videos to our website as well as use them for the popular videos shown at our banquets. If you like to take pictures and videos and are willing to help, please send an email to While this job was done most recently by one person, it certainly will work well as a shared responsibility by a committee also.